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If you have a choice when to visit the UK, come in summer. While others countries in Europe are frying in the heat, Britain offers a cooler, more comfortable alternative. And, despite our reputation for rain, it is not as wet here as you may think especially the further south and east you travel. But if your choice is limited, never fear, a visit to Britain at any time of the year is worth it as long as you heed the advice of many a sage of our climate: 'there's no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing'. So, whenever you come, if you choose the right places and wear the right things, you'll have a ball! 



Well that depends on your interests! Of course, everything and everywhere is coated with a veneer of Britishness to reflect a shared history and a common sense of belonging. But don't be fooled, Britain is extremely diverse with so much to see and experience. Each region of the country differs from its neighbour having been uniquely shaped by the elements of nature and influenced by its own peculiar story. Regular visitors soon realise that the more often they visit Britain the more they realise there's so much more to discover. There is a bit of Britain out there for everyone.



Most visitors to Britain arrive in London. Located in the south-east of the country London is far from many of the country's scenic highlights. Many arrive with an image that the country can be traversed in a day - well, it looks pretty small on a map, doesn't it? It's quite a shock then when they discover Britain is bigger than they thought with the high population squeezed into a few densely-packed regions, with heavily congested roads and a public transport system that is not as convenient or as reasonably-priced as it should be. So, our recommendation is not to try and see everything, pick your spot and immerse yourself in the unique experience that the UK can offer. There's always the chance to come again!