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First time Visitor


If this is your first time to visit the UK then let us make a few suggestions for you to get the best out of your visit....


When to visit? 


Anytime, and no time better than the present!


Most tourists visit the UK in summer. While other countries in Europe are frying in the heat, Britain offers a cooler more comfortable alternative. The weather is usually good and despite our reputation for rain it is not as wet here as you may think, especially the further south and east you travel. 


But a visit to Britain at anytime of the year is worth it. The weather may be pot luck but the attractions are less crowded and as long as you heed the advice of any sage of our climate: 'there's no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing'!


So, whenever you come, if you choose the right places and come prepared, you'll have a ball.


What to visit?


Well, obviously, that depends on your interests. Britain is extremely diverse with much to see and experience. There is a bit of Britain out there for everyone. 


Regular visitors to Britain soon realise that the more often they visit the more they discover to discover!


So, where to visit?


How much time have you got? Most visitors to Britain arrive in London. And no one should miss seeing London! But, located in the south-east of the country, London is far from many of the scenic highlights. 


Britain is bigger than you may think so be selective. Pick your spot and immerse yourself in the unique experience that the UK can offer. There's always the chance to come again.. and we hope you do!


So, in a nutshell?


Since we offer 1-day tours at Roots, there are many places worth visiting that, sadly, are too far for us based in Cambridge. However, our tours visit some of the very best cities and countryside that Britain has to offer: