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Norfolk Coast


Join our guided tour to the North Norfolk Coast & Seal-watching


The lure of the sea and its invigorating, salty air can seem a distant dream when you're tucked away inland like we are in Cambridge. But the sea and all its charms are really not that far away. The nearest coastline to Cambridge is only 100km north-east of the city, and what a coastline it is!


Sand dunes, empty beaches and huge skyscapes typify the north Norfolk coast


Since Norfolk is not really a stopping off point to anywhere, the coast is usually pretty quiet. The few small towns and quaint villages that dot the coastline are pleasantly busy but with a relaxed, laidback atmosphere. Escaping the mass of humanity on other coastlines can be nigh on impossible but in Norfolk, peace and quiet is standard.


Old plantations of pine trees protect the coast from erosion


Unlike the south and west coasts of Britain where the Atlantic Ocean waves crash on to rocky headlands, the east coast is a little more tranquil. The North Sea separating the British Isles from mainland Europe is mainly shallow and was created after the last Ice Age as the ice melted and retreated north. The result is a low-level sandy coastline threatened with erosion by high tides and storm surges.


18th & 19th century windmills dot the coastline


Today, some of the world's largest wind farms have been built out in the North Sea taking advantage of the shallow seabed and the constant sea breezes. But scattered along the coastline still remain the romantic images of bygone days: windmills for the grinding of grain and the pumping of water from the marshes.


Boats depart from Morston Quay for the seal colonies on the coast


Time your visit to the north Norfolk coast right and you can marvel at the spectacle of bird migration. Wide expanses of saltmarsh, river estuaries and shallow seas attract birds in their thousands. Indeed Norfolk is one of the most important birdwatching locations in north-west Europe. But it isn't just birds that make Norfolk their home, seals do, too!


Seals resting on the remote beaches remain undisturbed by the boats


Our tours to Norfolk include a visit by boat to the seal colonies on the coast. As the tide rises and the estuaries flood, the boats head out to the remote beaches where the seals congregate. Unperturbed by the daily invasion of their waters, the seals bask lazily on the sands or bob about the boats inquisitively inspecting their cargo... are we the exhibits or are they?


Fish'n chips! That's mayonnaise by the way!


Once back on dry land there's no better way to satiate a hunger than to indulge in  the quintessentially-British contribution to world cuisine. A trip to the seaside is surely the place to indulge in fish'n chips! But here in Norfolk the fish couldn't be fresher. Just don't overindulge on the chips!


Empty expanses of fine sand, fresh air and seabirds... wrap up warm!


Join our guided tour to the North Norfolk Coast & Seal-watching