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If you're asking which is better to visit, Oxford or Cambridge, well, not surprisingly we'd be hanging our hat on Cambridge. But why not join our tour to Oxford from Cambridge and decide for yourself! 


Cambridge is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful cities in Britain and, if you're here in Cambridge for a while, you'll know it deserves much more than an hour or two's visit. 


Trinity Street in the historic centre of Cambridge


But if you only have an hour to explore and would like to see the highlights of the city on a whistlestop walk, why not take our...


King's College Chapel, the most majestic building in the city


If you have a couple of hours and fancy escaping the hustle and bustle of the city centre to see some of the quieter, lesser-visited spots across the city, consider taking our...


Or why not do both circular walks back to back in a 'figure of 8'... 


The Fitzwilliam Museum, the University's fabulous museum of art and antiquities


There are also a few detours we can recommend to take in sights that don't fit in with either of the circular tours:


Don't forget to add time for each attraction you visit and if you divert off the path to see some more of the city's most famous views and its fabulous attractions.