Private tours from Cambridge 
If you can't find the tour of your choice on the date you would like to travel, why not arrange:
  • a Private Tour for your own private group (Option1),
  • or Add-A-Tour to our public tours calendar and share the tour with other people (Option 2).

Why arrange a Private Tour or Add-A-Tour?

  • Travel when you want to travel.
  • Go where you want to go.
  • For large groups, Private Tours are often cheaper per person than public tours.
  • For small groups, Add-A-Tour can make a private tour more affordable.
 Option 1: Private Tour
 For your private group only
Option 2: Add-A-Tour
Invite other passengers to join you
Who do we travel with?
  • Your group members only.
  • Children of any age.
  • Maximum of 16 passengers per tour. (Maximum of 13 passengers with luggage).
  • Your group members + other passengers - your tour would be advertised on this website for others to join.
  • No children under 3 years old.
  • Maximum of 16 passengers per tour.
Where and when can we travel?
  • You choose the destination(s),
  • You choose the date of travel.
  • You choose the departure time.
  • We recommend the tour duration but you are free to alter this to a duration that suits you.
  • You choose the destination(s).
  • You choose the date of travel.
  • We decide the departure time and tour duration. You cannot change the departure time or tour duration.
  • Please contact us for recommendations about which tour destinations are likely to be popular with other passengers.
How much does a tour cost?
  • Private tours cost £60 per hour for 10-16 passengers.
  • 10% discount (£54 per hour) for 1-9 passengers.
  • See an example tour price below.
  • Pay the same rate as a Private Tour (Option 1) to confirm your booking.
  • Receive a refund of £40 for every person who books on the tour who is not a member of your group.
  • You may get the tour for free!
  • See an example tour price below.
Example pricing
  • You have a group of 7 passengers wishing to visit Bath & Stonehenge on a Private Tour. We recommend a tour duration of 13 hours for this tour so the total cost at £54 per hour would be £702. If you wanted to reduce the tour to 12 hours the cost would be £648.
  • You have a group of 7 passengers wishing to Add-A-Tour to Bath & Stonehenge to our public tour programme. We would advertise the tour on our website with a tour duration of 13 hours. The total cost to you to confirm the booking would be £702 (£54 x 13 hours). If 5 people outside of your group join the tour, you receive a refund of £200 (£40 x 5 passengers) after the tour.
What's included?
  • All travel, parking charges and road tolls included.
  • Services of an experienced tour guide included.
  • Meals and entry fees to attractions not included.
  • All travel, parking charges and road tolls included.
  • Services of an experienced tour guide included.
  • Meals and entry fees to attractions not included.
Things to consider
  • Depart from your chosen departure point.
  • Depart at your chosen departure time.
  • Return to your chosen return point.
  • Luggage can be taken.
  • You must depart from one of our departure points.
  • You must depart at our scheduled departure time.
  • You will be returned to the same departure point at the end of the tour.
  • Luggage cannot be taken.
How to book?
  • Email us for a quote please include your preferred tour date, destination(s), departure point, tour duration (hours), luggage?
  • Pay a 20% deposit to confirm your tour.
  • Pay the 80% balance before departure.
  • Email us for a quote please include your preferred tour date, destination(s), tour duration (hours).
  • Pay 100% of the private tour rate to confirm your tour.
  • Receive any refunds after the tour is completed (when final passenger numbers are known).
  • Full refund for cancellations made >28 days before departure.
  • 20% deposit forfeited for cancellations 7-28 days before departure.
  • Cancellations made within 7 days of departure incur a penalty charge of the full fee.
  • You can cancel the tour and receive a full refund while no other passengers have booked on the tour. However, as soon as we have received a booking from another passenger unrelated to your group we cannot offer any refunds.
Most popular tour destinations for Private Tours and Add-A-Tours
Stonehenge (8 hours)
One of the world's iconic prehistoric monuments.
& Avebury (11 hours), & Bath (13 hours)
Oxford (9 hours)
The grand buildings of 'the other place'!
& Blenheim Palace (12 hours)
Bath (12 hours)
England's most beautiful city.
& Stonehenge (13 hours), & Cotswolds (13 hours)
Windsor (9 hours)
The 900-year old home of British royalty.
& Oxford (12 hours), & Stonehenge (12 hours)
Cotswolds (10 hours)
Picturesque countryside and quaint villages.
& Bath (13 hours), & Oxford (12 hours)
Stratford (8 hours)
William Shakespeare's birthplace town.
& Cotswolds (12 hours), & Oxford (12 hours)
Brighton (10 hours)
The UK's premier seaside resort.
& Beachy Head (12 hours)
York (12 hours)
2000 years of history in one city!
& Sherwood Forest (12 hours)
Other recommended tour destinations
Avebury (8 hours recommended duration)
Awe-inspiring monuments of pagan Britain.
& Stonehenge (11 hours), & Bath (13 hours)
Blenheim Palace (8 hours)
18th century grandeur and birthplace of Churchill.
& Oxford (12 hours), & Cotswolds (12 hours)
Canterbury (8 hours)
Home to the mother church of the Anglican faith.
& Greenwich (12 hours)
London (10 hours)
The capital's many attractions.
& Greenwich (11 hours), & Hampton Ct (12 hours)
East Anglia (8 hours)
The backwaters of the Cambridge region.
Scheduled tours every Thursday in July.
Norfolk coast (8 hours)
Beaches and dunes, fishing villages and seals!
& Seal-watching (10 hours)
Beachy Head (8 hours)
Sparkling white cliffs of England's south coast.
& Brighton (12 hours)
Peak District (9 hours)
Rural beauty of upland England.
& Chatsworth House (12 hours)
Greenwich (8 hours)
Historic London suburb associated with Time.
& London (11 hours), & Canterbury (12 hours)
Salisbury (9 hours)
Medieval majesty and the Magna Carta.
& Stonehenge (11 hours), & Bath (13 hours)
Hampton Court Palace (8 hours)
The magnificent royal palace of King Henry VIII.
& Stonehenge (12 hours), & Windsor (12 hours)
Warwick Castle (8 hours)
1000-year old symbol of aristocratic power.
& Stratford (11 hours), & Cotswolds (12 hours)
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