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No visit to Britain is complete without a visit to its capital. London is by far the biggest city in Britain and feels almost like a country of its own. A common expression heard about the city was a comment made by the famous 18th century writer, Samuel Jonson: "When a man is tired of London, he is tired of life".


London was the first city worldwide to have 1 million inhabitants. It became the capital of the world's largest ever empire when over a quarter of the world's population was governed by its bureaucrats. Although today it doesn't rank as one of the world's largest cities any longer, it hasn't lost any of its status as one of the most influential cities.


Here in Cambridge we are well-served with connections to London. Travel to central London takes less than an hour by train, and it is by train we would recommend any visitor should take if they are considering a visit to London. Many of the central sights can be reached on foot but the city is far too spread out for all its attractions to be seen in this way. Buy a return ticket with a Travelcard to have unlimited access to the London Underground metro and the above ground bus services.